Harry Zugman passed away last night in Portland.

This news is being given to Eileen as I am writing this (she will be 95 next week and she is in very poor health now).

We lost Kenne Zugman, Harry's son and my best friend, September 17th of last year,

hotel is still for sale. There is no news as to services for Harry yet, if interested contact me. It will be soon as it is in the Jewish tradition.

I will be going up to Portland on Sat and will be seeing the Zugman family in offer of my love and support. However, on Sunday we are having a memorial for Jerry Andrus. We have been friends (34 years) and I have been his webmaster and support person the last few years.

Keep a nice thought for all those that have gone before us. Can we learn from some of their lessons? I think so.

The links in this email, will take you to their online presence. Please visit them and enjoy all the stories I have of their lives.

Harry and Eileen have a great love story. Jerry was a master magician and genius thinker. Kenne was a therapist and a best friend.

I have hundreds of hours of material on these wonderful people. My friends and family section reflects

my record of them and gives you the chance to remember them and still learn from them.

I weep as loss is weeping. Yet, I am proud to share my experiences of their lives.

Michael Hennessy left 4 years ago at 61, and was a speaker you can still get moved by.

Sadie Koblin my dear cousin left 3 years ago at 84 and tells about our jewishness and shares her insights.

Ormond Mcgill my true pal and teacher, Ormond left at 91 just 2 years ago and shares his secret stories, his insight, his life, his magic.

Dr.G. Venkataswamy passed 2 years ago in his 80's. He filled his dream of the largest eye hospital in the world, he was a saint and teacher for me.

Cal Foxcroft left in June at 79 my neighbor and friend. His home amazing and the saintly Gary Leo did a great job photographing it.

We also lost neighbors Cam Casey, Leonard Burns and George Saunders last year, I hope to post something on them soon.

I hope you will explore all these wonderful peoples lives.

As for me, when I return from Oregon, I will start offering my services to the general public.

I am now an Apple Certified Help Specialist and will be offering Mac support. I am also working on opening a pain management and end of life issue center in Cotati, more on this later. My Business Card businesscontinues very very slowly, looking into new marketing, such a nice product these days at a great price, you do what you can do.

I just finished a feature movie presentation and my relationships with my family, with my friends and with myself are all good and positive.

We must honor those who have been before us and go on.

Barry Brilliant


OCT - 2007 -  from Barry Brilliant