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2008 Review

For me it was a year of exploring how best to develop my new business. Helping my mother and enjoying my relationship with Dagmar.We took 2 trips, one to Germany, and one road trip to Santa Barbara.

I did some work for Obama and watched a long wished for dream (many of us share) happen. Proving good does happen. Thus supporting a belief in good.

As many of you know I have been working with Seniors for the last few years. In fact at 61 now I am a senior. I enjoy helping and empowering people using their Macs. And while last year did not bring much money, it did  help me see a need that needs to done.

I am happy to have worked with some great people to develop our project. Please come visit the site and help with feedback, ideas, time, hardware and money. It is really about you.

My New Year Check-in

Happy New Year
Winter Jan 2009                      A Barry Brilliant New years Message                     ISSUE 2009

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Dagmar Hoheneck

My friend and fellow explorer.

She inspires me to be a better person.

This is going to be an incredible year. I’m very excited about our new president and the opportunities for getting out of this mess 
Mr. G. W. Bush got us  in.
 We all need to work together.



Real Estate

Family Thanksgiving with Dagmars Horses

Barry and the Golden Gate


in Germany

Cancer has again visited family and friends and I am hopeful for all I love next year will be better.

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