FEB - 2008 -  email from Barry Brilliant



Please email me if you do not want to be on my email list, because I hope to email you more regularly this year.

It is an important year for our world, our country and us to communicate. Sharing our lives and our thoughts can only help.  Our tools for getting things online and sharing, are better and better each year and our computers have become extensions of who we are. So why not put it all out there?

We all have our truths about the way we see our world and now with the internet we can relate with each other in so many new ways. As an example; I want to share iChat talks with you if possible. Please email me or find me on iChat at BarryBrilliant@mac.com if you are interested.

Still others tell stories, sum up their lives or make up the wildest fantasies.

Lets make the effort to read and listen to other points of view as we share our own point of view.

I am cleaning my mail out so forgive me if I included you when I should not have.

I am using a personalization email merge program which has an automated subscribe and unsubscribe feature I hope to put in soon. The good news is, this is only one email to only you and no one will be spamming you because of it.  While I believe in communicating, I respect your privacy.

Meantime, I have been working on this emailing for a few months now. Just click on the line below and you will be transfered to the website I created about that subject.

I have broken down my message to you as follows:

  1. 1.My personal story for 2007.

  2. 2.Introducing my new consulting business to you.

  3. 3.And a fun animation project I just finished. The idea is a how to entertain and teach and allow everyone to profit from it.

  4. 4.My political opinion for 2008.

You can not change what is.

You can change your point of view of what is.

And when you change your point of view,

You can change what is.

I encourage you to share your point of view and your opinions with love and kindness,

All the best in 2008,


Barry Brilliant



iphone 415-250-8330