June - 2008


Dear Friends and Family:

The first 6 months of this year have gone by so fast. Working building my little consulting business and building my relationships. I am pleased to be working with Chris Harnish. And having fun with life.

I have just returned from 2 weeks in Germany with Dagmar visiting her home country.

I made a quick sideshow for your information with my comments. it is rough with mistakes but you can get the idea of how beautiful and different Germany is.

I learned so much about people, patterns and rituals. We walked up and down the towns and mountains and learned about old farm country living. Oh Time I thought I knew you well....I got a larger perception of an area that had over an 800 year history. It had been occupied by France for 17 years and then was oppressed again from Hitler (less than 10 years of madness) and now it is Germany again. Interesting, it has the biggest US hospital in Germany. The sky had a regular sighting of transports coming from Iraq. The people who depend on the US love us, I am not sure how I feel about it.

The trip was so easy for me, Dagmar handled almost everything. She planned it, drove the car and translated when needed and I felt very welcomed and safe everywhere.

I met Dagmar's, father, step-mother, aunts, sister, brother and kids. Dagmar's father Karl Hoheneck M. D. told stories of his adventurous life; that was filled was with operations as he created a hospital in Ghana. His path was filled with helping first as a doctor repairing German soldiers coming back from the front, then in Norway he treated civilians as all their own physicians had been mobilized. And after the war ended he stayed to help the people of Norway. Not liking what Germany did and what it had become he took a post heading a hospital in Ghana. Dagmar was 9. He loved his work and would have stayed but  his devotion to his family's needs had him move back to the Black Forest of Germany. I taped hours of audio and video. I have turned them all over to Karl Smith, Karl Hoheneck's grandson to edit and turn into an inspired masterpiece. I had a great time. I will always treasure the memory of how kind and gracious Dagmar and her family were to me. My feelings have been deepened as my understanding for how she got to be who she is has grown. I look forward to more adventures with Dagmar.

Getting back has been harder than I wanted. I have continued to be under the weather. My cough is having such a good time, I am not sure when it will leave town. Really, it is just slow getting going again.

I found out some upsetting news about my States plan for spraying for a moth that they say is an emergency but many others say it is not. It is a big deal, worth many millions to those who got the contract for the work of spraying and may cause cancer for those under the spray. It is a big deal so click here to find out more. Governor, shame on you for not taking care of your people.

So I am back home and happy. I will be building my consulting business and working on other projects which I will keep you informed of.

Please email me how you are doing and if I can help you with one of your projects.

Until the next time....


Barry Brilliant

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