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2009 building a new life.

I am interested in building a library of video clips of people who use ichat video and screen sharing and how it affects the way people "computercate". 

Computercate is my way of saying when we use the computer as more than a communications tool. When we can use video chatting to check in with our friends or family we are more than sharing because one or both of the chatters may not ever have to operate their machine it may be done as MacSenior Networks does remotely. Using screen sharing to help one another is another example of what I am talking about. With a little programing and a Mac OSX 10.5 server our idea of a switchboard or concierge service could be a tool to help our seniors and handicapable.

My plan is to help the people I can first.

As many of you know I have been working with Seniors for the last few years. In fact at 61 now I am a senior. I enjoy helping and empowering people using their Macs. And while last year did not bring much money, it did  help me see a need that needs to done.

We are joining forces with others in Marin interested in our work. I will update you in June.

My Spring Check-in

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Spring  April 2009                      A Barry Brilliant Message                     ISSUE 2- 2009

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Dagmar Hoheneck

My friend and partner.

She inspires me to be a better person.

Things are looking like they may just get better.
While the minority party continues to think they run the world. We the people have spoken and Mr. Obama has his time to make things better.



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Dagmars Childhood was spent with these folks

Barry and the Golden Gate


in Germany

Dagmar and I went to Germany, and now we return. I will be back in May.

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